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New Views of Titan’s Polar Lakes

NASA JPL October 23, 2013 PASADENA, Calif.– With the sun now shining down over the north pole of Saturn’s moon Titan, a little luck with the weather, and trajectories that put the spacecraft into optimal viewing positions, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has obtained new pictures of the liquid methane and ethane seas and lakes that reside near Titan’s north pole. The ... Read More »

Martian Crater May Be Ancient Supervolcano

NASA October 22, 2013 Scientists from NASA and the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Ariz., have identified what could be a supervolcano on Mars—the first discovery of its kind. The volcano in question, a vast circular basin on the face of the Red Planet, previously had been classified as an impact crater. Researchers now suggest the basin is actually what ... Read More »

Weightless Astronaut Pushes Herself With a Single Hair

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New Full Ring View of Saturn

This portrait looking down on Saturn and its rings was created by Cassini fan Gordan Ugarkovic, from images obtained by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on Oct. 10, 2013. Read More »

Why Are Planets in this Star System Misaligned?

NASA October 18, 2013 A long-standing puzzle in the study of exoplanets is the formation of hot Jupiters, gas giant planets that snuggly orbit their host star. To explain their short orbital periods, theory suggests that hot Jupiters form in long orbits and then quiescently migrate through the protoplanetary disc, the flat ring of dust and debris that circles a newly ... Read More »

Curiosity Rover Confirms It: Some Meteorites Are From Mars

NASA JPL October 17, 2013 NASA Rover Confirms Mars Origin of Some Meteorites PASADENA, Calif. — Examination of the Martian atmosphere by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover confirms that some meteorites that have dropped to Earth really are from the Red Planet. A key new measurement of the inert gas argon in Mars’ atmosphere by Curiosity’s laboratory provides the most definitive ... Read More »

Asteroid 2013 TV135 – Earth Impact Fear May Be Overblown

NASA October 17, 2013 Asteroid 2013 TV135 – A Reality Check Newly discovered asteroid 2013 TV135 made a close approach to Earth on Sept. 16, when it came within about 4.2 million miles (6.7 million kilometers). The asteroid is initially estimated to be about 1,300 feet (400 meters) in size and its orbit carries it as far out as about ... Read More »

Successful Launch for Next-Generation Falcon 9 Rocket

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SpaceX Grasshopper Reaches 744 Meters

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Robonaut 2 in Space

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